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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling A Business

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Business

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Business Mistake #1: Talking too much. Don’t talk about sales price. Focus on the “benefits” the transaction will provide to the buyer by asking questions about how the transaction will achieve their interests. Become inquisitive about the buyers’ position! The deeper your understanding of the buyer’s interests, the better positioned you will be to subtly demonstrate the […]

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how to sell your business in Florioda

Here’s How to Sell Your Business in Florida

How to sell your business in Florida? What is the best way of going about it? You can follow the easy steps shown below to get a great deal on arguably the most important transaction of your life. Consultation Get in touch with a business brokerage. This is, after all, the biggest transaction of your life you are talking about. It is always more […]

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business for sale naples fl

Business for Sale Naples FL Does Beach Yoga

If you’re looking for a business for sale Naples FL, you might want to put on your happy face. Last year, the Naples area was named the happiest and healthiest place in the country, the third year in a row. Sunshine & Smiles The study polled 337,000 adults in cities across the U.S. and measured their well-being, factoring in their financial, emotional and physical […]

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business for sale ft. myers florida

Business for Sale Ft. Myers Florida Wears the Crown

Looking for a business for sale Ft. Myers Florida? Well, get in line and consider yourself lucky that you’re in a place that is winning all the beauty contests! Fort Myers is winning national accolades for its desirability for young and old, single and married and generally all kinds of people who are attracted to the City of Palm’s affordability, alluring climate and assortment […]

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business broker reviews

Business Broker Reviews Bat .400

When looking at business broker reviews, check out a hitter who is batting .400 over the season. Yes, the baseball playoffs have started … We compare a baseball slugger’s number of hits over the number of bats to the reviews of a business broker in Southwest Florida. What is a Business Broker Exactly? But first, we slide into the mechanics of the game and […]

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business brokers group

Business Brokers Group Delivers a Rose

Want to join a business brokers group? Consider Truforte Business Group, Florida business brokers in that primarily specialize in the Southwestern part of the state, including Lee, Collier, Charlotte and Sarasota counties. So Many Roses We know. You are like the Bachelor in the opening rounds of the show – so many roses to give out. How so? Unemployment is low. Demand is high […]

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business for sale sw florida

Business for Sale SW Florida Sings “The Three E’s”

Have a business for sale SW Florida? Consider using a business broker like Truforte Business Group with “The Three E’s” to handle the sale. The Three E’s are not the latest K-pop sensation or a forgotten band of Motown crooners but Southwest Florida business brokers with a triple threat of Experience, Expertise and Eclectic skills. Experienced Principals with Business for Sale SW Florida Take […]

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florida business listings

Truforte Florida Business Listings Dominate Like Google

Searching for Florida business listings? Utilize this site with search capability as powerful as Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in September 1998. Their search engine wasn’t the first to market but Page and Brin commanded the market by finding a way to monetize search engine by improving on the paid search innovations launched by entrepreneur Bill Gross and where advertisers […]

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business for sale tampa

Business for Sale Tampa Has a Cigar

If you have a business for sale Tampa, it probably evolved from the “Cigar Capital of the World” where entrepreneurs like Vicente Martinez Ybor and Hugh MacFarlane set up cigar-centric enterprises in the early 20th Century, turning a sleepy town descending from an army fort into the bustling metropolis of Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical area of 3.1 million residents today. With vibrant Latin communities […]

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sba loan

An SBA Loan Buys the Bacon

An SBA loan or Small Business Administration loan is an excellent option to finance the purchase of a Florida business. Typically, a business with a sound financial history and profitable history as documented by tax returns are candidates for a bank loan that are guaranteed by the SBA. SBA Loan: Win-Win An loan can be a win-win for buyer and seller. The latter receives […]

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l-1 visa

A L-1 Visa is Coming to America

A L-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows a foreign executive or manager to enter the United States by working for an international company that is opening or continuing operations in Florida or any other U.S. state. What is the Difference between a L-1 Visa and an E-2? There are no treaty countries from which the L-1 Visa can be rewarded from. This […]

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selling a business in fort lauderdale

Selling a Business in Fort Lauderdale is not the Spring Break Scene

Selling a business in Fort Lauderdale is to capitalize on a mega population center of Florida and one of the major tourist attractions in the entire United States. The city, 182,595 strong as of the 2018 figures, may make you think of spring break. You know, young college kids carousing in the beaches and mixing it up in the bars during their spring break. […]

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investor visa

An Investor Visa is a Ticket to Bliss

An investor visa such as the E-2 visa allows an immigrant to come to the United States by purchasing a business. Southwestern Florida and its sub-tropical weather where the average temperature is 75 degrees is a magnet for people all over the world. Sunshine & Growth The area is booming and there are no state taxes. The Fort Myers metro area including Cape Coral […]

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selling a business in sarasota

Selling a Business in Sarasota is Kicking It on the Beach

Selling a business in Sarasota is to seize on a tourist hotspot in the Southwestern coast of Florida. The city with a population of 53,326 as of 2013 (U.S. Census) is at the southern end of the Tampa Bay region, north of Fort Myers and Port Charlotte. Sarasota is bounded by water with the Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. […]

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selling a business in port charlotte

Selling a Business in Port Charlotte in the Heart of Retirees

Selling a business in Port Charlotte is to unload your baby in the mecca of retirees in Southwest Florida. This unincorporated community in Charlotte County had a population of 54,392 according to the 2010 census. It was listed as one of the “25 Best Places to Retire in 2015” by Forbes. In 2009, Port Charlotte gained accolades at the top spot in a CNN/Money […]

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selling a business in naples florida

Selling a Business in Naples, Florida Lives the High Life

If you’re selling a business in Naples, Florida, you might find a deep-pocketed buyer in the jewel of Southwest Florida. The city was founded during the late 1880’s. It has the second highest proportion of millionaires in the entire United States. Naples in the late 19th Century was promoted as having abundant fish and game to rival its Italian coastal sister city. It is […]

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