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A professional Business Broker at Truforte Business Group will guide and assist you through the process of negotiating a purchase of a business that is right for you. As intermediaries of the transaction whether it is a franchise, home based business, small business, internet company or mid-size corporation Truforte Business Group can make the acquisition of a business for sale in Florida a pleasant experience for both the buyer and the seller.

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Steps for Buying a Business

Initial meeting with a Truforte Business Group representative. It would be helpful if a buyer would provide some basic information as well as a financial statement. Having a business plan or basic idea of the skill set of the buyer based on previous employment of career history allows the business broker or intermediary to show a buyer the businesses for sale or acquisitions opportunities that may be most suitable for a particular buyer.

Determine how much money is available for the down payment or how much the initial business investment will be. Generally speaking the buyer will need to have a minimum of 20% down. It is important that the business capital be in a liquid form and that there is enough cash for working capital.

The time frame to purchase a business will need to be determined. Once the buyer finds the right business he will need to be prepared to make the decision to buy the business. The best business opportunities usually don't stay on the market long so in order to capitalize on an acquisition opportunity a buyer needs to be prepared to make an offer for the business.

Knowing the kind of business you would like to own will be an important step in owning a Florida Business. Making sure you own a fun business and one that you enjoy working in can be crucial to you owning a profitable business. Having a successful business career starts with acquiring a business that will not only be a profitable business but also one that the buyer will enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions
At Truforte, we believe that trust is the strength of healthy relationships. Our number one goal is to sell the right business to the right buyer, which allows every person to smoothly transition into their new roles..
Due to the confidential nature of a business sale, prospective buyers need to fill out a standard confidentiality agreement, as well as a buyer profile. After the forms are signed and returned, the listing agent will get in contact with you and discuss the details of the business, allowing you to make informed decisions throughout the process of buying.
We have extensive experience in selling many types of businesses, and have many businesses available for sale.
When buying a business, it is important to find a business that you will not only profit from, but also enjoy owning. A business owner will be far more likely to grow a successful business if the owner has a strong passion for the work their doing.
While experience in the industry of the business you are prepared to buy is often recommended, every business unique in the way they run things. Most owners are willing to train the new owner for a limited period of time to allow you to acclimate to your new business. This training is dependant on the seller, however, and Truforte cannot guarantee any training from the seller.
Truforte Business Group can help those who have a desire to live in the United states through an L1 or E2 Visa. Learn More about Visas
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