SBA Lender Pre-Qualified Florida Businesses For Sale

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SBA Lender Pre-Qualified Florida Businesses for Sale

Having Florida Businesses for sale SBA lender pre-qualified can often add credibility to business for sale listings because it means a lender has reviewed the financials of the business and has confirmed that on the surface the financial information looks solid enough for a bank to finance the sale and that the cash flow that has been represented will cover the debt service and/or the purchase price of the SBA lender approved business for sale.

A buyer will also need to qualify for the SBA loan, so even though the business has been pre approved does not necessarily guarantee a business loan will be approved. It is also important to keep in mind that many businesses may still qualify for an SBA loan even though they were not submitted for a pre-qualification in advance. Any business with a strong cash flow and good set of books and records which can be substantiated by the tax returns is a good candidate for an SBA loan.

There are many reasons a Buyer will choose to finance the purchase of SBA pre-qualified Florida businesses for sale with an SBA loan. In many cases an SBA loan allows a Buyer to leverage their cash and purchase a much larger business. In recent COVID 19 times there has even been incentives for Buyers to purchase SBA lender pre-qualified businesses with SBA loans. Buyers were offered prepaid payments by the SBA for the first 6 months of the loan and waived or reduced fees on the guarantee fees that the Small Business Administration was charging.

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