Selling a Florida Business

Let us guide you through the process

Selling a Florida business can be a challenging yet rewarding experience for the business owner. For this reason, consultation with a professional Business Broker at Truforte Business Group can be an important first step. Truforte Business Group will guide the business owner through the complete process of selling a business.

How do I begin Selling a Florida Business?

The process of selling a business in Florida begins with a preliminary, no-obligation meeting. General information is exchanged, so the Seller and Truforte Business Group can become acquainted with each other and their respective business.

Next, additional information is compiled and examined to determine the value of the business. Information needed will include: two to three years of current financial statements, balance sheets, and income tax returns, as well as information on other assets to be transferred when selling the Florida business.

A valuation is then performed to provide the Seller with a price range, which he can expect to receive for his business. Truforte Business Group will consult with the Seller to establish the proper terms and asking price for the business.

Finally, a contractual agreement is entered into between the Seller and Truforte Business Group, giving Truforte Business Group the right to market the business as the transactional agent under mutually  agreed terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Truforte Business Group is fully confidential Business Broker. All prospective buyers are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before any specific information is released.

Truforte has extensive experience in selling businesses in many industries. We help guide you through the complete process of selling your Florida business, giving you the the time and confidentiality to do what you do best: run and maintain a successful, profitable business for sale.

Determining the value of a business can vary greatly depending on the industry. If you are ready to sell and you don’t know what your business is worth, the best way to answer this question is to meet with a business broker and allow us to give a free, no-obligation opinion of value.

To get started with an opinion of value, some basic final information and details about assets will need to  be reviewed.


At Truforte, we believe that confidentiality is of paramount importance when selling a Florida business due to a variety of reasons, including uncertainty amongst customers and employees. We address these concerns by requiring ANY prospective buyer to sign a standard confidentiality agreement before releasing any information.

What is my business worth?

The most commonly asked question business owners ask when it comes to selling a Florida business is: What is my business worth? A business is generally valued on two basic principles: What the business owns, and what the business earns. Determining the value of a business can vary greatly from industry to industry and there can be many different factors to take into consideration when valuing a business. The best way to find out the value of your business is to set up an appointment with a Business Broker at Truforte Business Group.

A professional Business Broker at Truforte Business Group will guide you through the process of negotiating a purchase of a business that is right for you. As intermediaries of the transaction, Truforte Business Group can make the acquisition of a business for sale in Florida a pleasant experience for both the buyer and the seller. Many business opportunities can be found here, but if you don’t find what you are looking for please call us at 239-284-1317.

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