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Visa Information

Florida Businesses for sale present themselves as excellent opportunities for the foreign investor who may have a desire to live in the United States. Through an L1 or E2 visa, immigrants from one of the many treaty countries can live and work in American by purchasing a Florida business.

Truforte Business Group professionals are Florida business brokers who are well-versed in the different types of visas and the various qualifications and necessary corporate investments. We can assist you in coordinating with your visa attorney the necessary information to buy a business. We confidentially work with the buyer and seller to assist your visa attorney to package the necessary information to qualify for E-2 and L-1 visas for citizens of all treaty countries such as Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, U.K., etc.

Visa Qualified Florida Businesses for Sale

At Truforte Business Group, we welcome the opportunity to work with and earn the business of the foreign investor who may be looking to make a corporate investment, buy a business and acquire a visa. Having the experience of completing many transactions where a visa was necessary, working with a skilled professional Florida business broker at Truforte Business Group will surely be a benefit for the foreign investor.

Pizza Shop For Sale in North Fort Myers

Listing #95122083
Asking: $250,000
Owner Benefit: $85,000
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Pizza & Pub Restaurant for Sale in Florida

Listing #95102251
Asking: $520,000
Owner Benefit: $200,806
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Yoga Studio For Sale in Sarasota

Listing #95108304
Asking: $175,000
Owner Benefit: $75,456
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Muffler Shop for Sale in Broward County

Listing #95195101
Asking: $300,000
Owner Benefit: $83,998
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