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We are Florida Business Brokers who have been successfully marketing & selling businesses Since 1994

Are you looking to buy or sell a business in Florida? If so, you will want to talk to one of our experienced Florida Business Brokers. Truforte Business Group is your trusted Florida Business Broker who confidentially markets and sells Florida businesses for sale from $25K to $25M. Whether selling or buying a Florida business, we are experienced Business Brokers who serve as a business intermediary in the acquisition or divestiture of a Florida business.

Buying or selling a Florida business can be one of the most important financial decisions you will make. As Florida Business Brokers, Truforte Business Group has the experience and expertise to assist you through the buying and selling process. LET'S GET STARTED TODAY!

Featured Businesses for Sale

Asian Restaurant for Sale in SW Florida

Listing #95130105
Asking: $100,000
Owner Benefit: $32,096
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Asian Restaurant for Sale in Collier County

Listing #95130106
Asking: $248,000
Owner Benefit: $43,557
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Window Covering Business for Sale in Florida

Listing #95102260
Asking: $85,000
Owner Benefit: $114,059
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Tree Service for Sale in Lee County

Listing #95102261
Asking: $395,000
Owner Benefit: $199,902
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    Why Hire a Business Broker

    Do you want to own a business in Florida? Are you looking for buyers for your business? There’s a lot more to transferring ownership of a business than most people realize. Buying or selling a business can be a complicated and sometimes difficult process. We offer business brokerage services that will help you get more out of the process with less effort. We take our clients through every step of the process to buy or sell a business in Florida. When you hire us, you get:

    1. An experienced team

    There are various aspects of buying or selling a business. Our experienced team will ensure you have all your bases covered. When you hire us, you gain access to experienced brokers, financial advisors and experts in business management that have helped many other people through the process. We’ll ensure that all your bases are covered and you are protected from many of the pitfalls that befall buyers and sellers in this market. We’re committed to ensuring that our clients get the best deals.

    2. An unbiased business valuation

    One of the most important aspects of selling or buying a business is determining its actual value. Our team of experts will provide you with an unbiased and accurate business valuation. We’ll provide you with a detailed report and expert advice to ensure that you can make an informed choice that is in your best interests.

    3. Access to an extensive network

    Success in buying or selling a business is about finding the right business to invest in or finding a buyer that sees the value of your business. We’ve been helping to connect business owners and buyers for decades. We have an extensive database of businesses that are up for sale as well as buyers that are interested in purchasing businesses. We know the Florida market in and out. We’ll help you reach more buyers if you’re looking to sell your business. We’ll help you find the right business for you if you’re looking to invest.

    4. Skilled negotiators

    Negotiating for the best price is one of the most challenging parts of buying or selling a business. With our experienced team working on your behalf, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best deal. Our team will not only help you get the best price but also ensure that you can close the deal faster.

    What a business broker will do for you

    When the time comes to buy or sell a business, you will probably have many questions. Many people find the process of finding buyers or sellers as well as transferring a business quite overwhelming. With our team working for you, you will get exactly what you want with less effort.

    Our experienced team will:

    1. Perform an accurate business valuation

    Whether you’re interested in purchasing or selling a business, understanding its real value will help you make an informed decision. We’ll provide you with a detailed and accurate financial analysis of the business to help determine its profitability. Whether you want to prove to buyers that your business is worth investing in or want to determine if you are making a good choice investing in a business, you can trust our financial analysis and valuation to help guide your decision.

    2. Help you get organized

    Buying or selling a business, like many other transactions, involves a lot of paperwork. Our experienced team will help ensure that you have covered all your bases. We’ll help you prepare, retrieve and organize the documents you need for a successful transfer of ownership. From permits and returns to licenses and visas, our team is well versed in helping potential buyers and business owners ensure that they have the documentation they need for a successful transaction.

    3. Help you find qualified buyers

    Finding buyers for your business can be a challenge. You not only want to find buyers that are committed to purchasing your business but that also have the financial capability to do so. You’ll also want to ensure that you get the best price. Our team will market your business to potential buyers. Through our database and other marketing programs, you can be sure your business will receive the exposure it needs to attract interested buyers.

    4. Vet potential buyers

    It can be exciting to receive offers from potential buyers when you are looking to sell your business. However, not all offers you receive are worth following through on. Our team will screen all potential buyers to ensure that you don’t waste your time negotiating with an unqualified buyer. We’ll help you find potential buyers whose interests are aligned with your business. We’ll ensure that the potential buyers have the financial capability, experience and commitment required to finalize the transaction.

    5. Help you find the right business

    Interested in owning a business in Florida? We have a large database of businesses that have been put up for sale by their owners. Our experienced team will guide you through the process of identifying the best business for you. We’ll help you identify a business based on your interests and goals. We’ll provide you with detailed information on the businesses you’re interested in so that you can make an informed decision. Our team is committed to helping buyers find businesses that will help them reach their goals.

    6. Act as a buffer between buyer and seller

    Buying or selling a business can be an emotional process. Negotiations can easily turn into heated arguments with so much at stake. Our team acts as a buffer between buyers and sellers. We take all the emotion out of the transaction and work to get the best deal for the parties involved. We’ll communicate with either party to negotiate the best price or terms for the transaction. Our team of highly experienced negotiators will help you get the best possible deal. With our team of experienced brokers handling all aspects of the transaction, you can focus on other tasks. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you reach your goal.