Plumbing Businesses For Sale in Florida

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Plumbing Businesses for Sale

Are you a licensed plumber looking to start your own company and generate a profitable revenue stream? Depending on your experience and expertise, investing in plumbing businesses for sale in Florida can help you establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur without being limited to predefined work hours.

According to the latest report by IBIS World, the market size of the plumbing industry in the United States is $124 billion. In addition, the industry is expected to witness a 3.7% rise in revenue. The report also said the boom in real estate construction across the country has added to the growth of this sector. Currently, more than 127,000 businesses are operating in this industry across the US.

Furthermore, there are many advantages of owning a plumbing business. Firstly, plumbers can form lasting relationships with their suppliers and peers in the region. Secondly, it allows them to become an essential part of the community and actively contribute to the local economy. Thirdly, and most importantly, self-employed plumbers can decide which jobs to do and how much profit to earn.

If you are looking for the latest Florida plumbing businesses for sale, please select a location of your choice below. Then, choose “Construction” as your business category and “Contractor-Plumber” as the sub-category. Our licensed brokers can also help you find the best investment options in your preferred area while maintaining complete confidentiality.

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      Why Should You Buy a Plumbing Business in the Sunshine State?

      The dynamic business landscape and booming economy of Florida make it an ideal location for small and medium enterprises.

      While the pro-business regulations and streamlined licensing processes empower entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to set up shop here, the tropical weather and sun-kissed beaches make it the best place to unwind after a long day.

      If you are looking to buy a plumbing business, you will have the liberty to choose your hours and clients, as the demand for this skill set is relatively high. Homeowners across the state always need someone to fix and repair the plumbing systems in their homes. Meanwhile, those in the commercial sector look to sign contracts with reliable businesses that can provide a solution for all of their plumbing needs.

      In other words, buying one of the existing Florida plumbing businesses for sale will give you the freedom to explore new opportunities while generating increased revenue. According to, it is also worth mentioning that plumbers in the state earn an average of $42,000, according to Additionally, those living and working in the Sunshine State don’t have to worry about paying personal income tax. The sales tax in Florida is also rather low, allowing small businesses to thrive and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace

      What Do You Need to Own & Operate a Plumbing Business in Florida?

      Those interested in plumbing businesses for sale in Florida must obtain relevant licenses to operate in the region.

      Typically, an individual starts with an apprenticeship and eventually becomes a journeyman plumber before progressing to a master plumber. While an apprentice may not need a license, they have to train under an experienced plumber for about four years before taking the test to earn the status of a journeyman. To become a master plumber, one requires at least 7 to 10 years of experience in the field.

      To obtain a plumbing license in the state, you will have to contact the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board, facilitated through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

      For more information about local codes and regulations, feel free to visit the Florida Association of PHCC.

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