Construction Businesses for Sale in Florida

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Construction Business Opportunities

To find a great construction business for sale in Florida. Scroll the list below for more details on any construction business click on the more details and complete the non disclosure agreement. Construction businesses by county can be searched by county on this page.

Top Construction Businesses for Sale

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    For buyers looking to purchase a construction businesses for sale in Florida they will want to make sure the have or can get the proper license. The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation also known as the DBPR handles all of the construction contractor licensing in the State of Florida. Different facets of construction require different types of licenses so a buyer will need the proper license for the type of work be done. There are all different types of specialty contractor licenses and not only is a state license required but many counties and municipalities in Florida also require contractors to be licensed in a particular county or city in order to perform the work

    In many cases Buyers who are purchasing construction businesses for sale in Florida can get the Seller or even a key employee to qualify the company with an existing license until a Buyer can obtain their own. Although this can sometimes get tricky when there is SBA financing involved

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