Custom Cabinet Businesses For Sale in Florida

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Custom Cabinet Businesses for Sale in Florida

Are you a custom cabinet maker looking to become your own boss? Do you want to embark on an entrepreneurial journey in a tropical paradise? While starting a business may sound exciting and adventurous, you must also prepare yourself for the fact that you may not make much profit in the first few years. Meanwhile, buying one of the custom cabinet businesses for sale in Florida will allow you to generate revenue while avoiding some of the most common pain points of establishing a new business.

With new residential and commercial properties constantly being constructed and the old ones being regularly remodeled, there is always a high demand for such businesses in the country. According to the Trend of Business Survey, cabinet sales across the nation witnessed an 18.3% hike in 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. In addition, custom cabinet sales went up 21.5%, semi-custom cabinet sales rose 17.6%, and stock sales saw an increase of 18.1%.

It is also worth mentioning that the cabinet and manufacturing industry has been growing steadily over the past five years. Its current market size, based on revenue, is approximately $19.2 billion.

To find a custom cabinet business for sale in Florida. Select the area of your choice and scroll down on the business category to select “Construction” then click display categories and sub-categories and select “Contractor-cabinets” to search the most up to date and extensive list of custom cabinet contracting businesses. You can then click to display categories and sub-categories and choose “Contractor Cabinets.” If you have any questions about the listings, feel free to contact the expert brokers at Truforte Business Group.

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    Is Starting a Custom Cabinet Making Business in Florida a Good Idea?

    It is beneficial to start almost any business in Florida, period.

    It consistently ranks among the best states for business in the United States – all thanks to its laid-back state tax policies, affordable cost of doing business, streamlined regulations, and committed government and economic leadership. The pro-business climate in the Sunshine State also allows startups to flourish and existing companies to expand by providing them with a talented workforce and a diverse clientele.

    Since the custom cabinet businesses for sale in Florida rely heavily on the building and remodeling industry, you will be glad to know that the growing demand for new houses in the region has bolstered the construction of new residential properties. As more individuals continue to relocate to the state in the coming years, this demand will likely see an upward spike, opening new doors of opportunities for custom cabinet makers.

    The tropical state is perhaps one of the best places for those looking to get a fresh start. So, if you are planning to buy Florida custom cabinet businesses for sale, right now may be the best time.

    What You Need to Start a Custom Cabinet Business in the Sunshine State

    Custom cabinet businesses may not require state-issued business licenses. Still, they must register with the Florida Department of State and the Florida Department of Revenue to work legally in the state. Moreover, if you have a cabinet-making company outside the state, you may have to submit evidence of registration to continue working in the region.

    Those willing to buy custom cabinet businesses for sale in Florida can also explore the assistance programs offered by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

    For Florida custom cabinet business information and to learn about the custom cabinet industry visit the Cabinet Makers Association.

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