General Contractor Businesses For Sale in Florida

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General Contractor Businesses for Sale in Florida

Are you a qualified general contractor with a few years of industry experience under your belt and a will to achieve greater heights of success? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, owning and operating your own business is likely the next item on your bucket list of professional achievements. If you are ambitious about your plans, you may want to check out the latest general contractor businesses for sale in Florida.

By definition, a general contractor is a licensed professional who coordinates and supervises a construction or remodeling project. Since Florida is the third most populous and one of the fastest-growing states in the United States, there is always a high demand for contractors in the region. It is also worth mentioning that the construction industry in the Sunshine State is currently outperforming the nation, with notable metro areas such as Miami witnessing a 7% growth in the past year alone.

Also, did we mention the market size of the construction industry in the US has grown to $2 trillion in 2021? This statistic is a testament to the growth potential for general contractor businesses.

If you want to find the latest Florida general contractor businesses for sale, Truforte Business Group can help you out. Please make sure to select the area of your choice from the list below. Then pick “Construction” as your business category. Next, select “Contractor-general” as a sub-category and browse the most up-to-date listings.

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    Why Choose Florida for Your General Contractor Business?

    The increase in the number of people relocating to the Sunshine State has resulted in a real estate boom, boosting the development of new infrastructure across the region. Affordable housing and the growing demand for more residential complexes have also driven new constructions, making it an excellent time to acquire one of the general contractor businesses for sale in Florida.

    Furthermore, the projected industry outlook is rather promising, which means licensed contractors in the state are bound to experience more opportunities in the coming months. You may also be glad to know that general contractors in Florida metro areas can make as much as $119,929 per year, which is more than double of what general contractors make in other parts of the country on average.

    Need more reasons to buy Florida general contractor businesses for sale?

    Well, the state is known for being a top vacation destination. It has tropical weather for most of the year, is blessed with miles and miles of mesmerizing beaches, has some of the best theme parks in the world, and has a peaceful community-based lifestyle that can certainly win anyone over.

    The business-friendly regulations, lack of state income tax, and improved career opportunities are also some of the perks of living and doing business in Florida.

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    How to Become a Licensed General Contractor in Florida?

    Those aspiring to buy general contractor businesses for sale in Florida must obtain a Florida Contractor License.

    The Florida Construction Licensing Board and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation have strict rules in place for this licensing, with fees and requirements varying with each type of license and specialty.

    Please note that the applicant must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a Florida Contractor License. Moreover, they must submit their digital fingerprints, submit proof of their credit score, pass the Florida State Construction Examination, and provide proof of workers’ compensation insurance to the state.

    You can learn more about these licensing requirements by visiting the Florida Dept of Business & Proffessional Regulation.

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