A L-1 Visa is Coming to America

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A L-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows a foreign executive or manager to enter the United States by working for an international company that is opening or continuing operations in Florida or any other U.S. state.

What is the Difference between a L-1 Visa and an E-2?

There are no treaty countries from which the L-1 Visa can be rewarded from. This is the case with an E-2 Visa that allows a foreigner to enter the U.S. by purchasing a Florida business and basically favors Western European treaty nations.

Florida Flavor

Why is a business broker like Truforte Business Group writing about visas? Well, a L-1 Visa is an excellent way for foreigners with valuable skills to gain legal entry to Florida and its favorable business climate.

If you work for an international corporation looking to expand in Florida, you might want to consider a L-1 Visa. Here are some details.

No Minimum Investment with a L-1 Visa

A citizen from Panama could be moving to Florida while working for a Panamanian corporation that is investing $10,000 or $10 million in a Florida subsidiary. The investor can borrow without limit to fund the Florida-based operations.

Length of Stay & Processing

The L-1 Visa has a duration of up to seven years. It can be renewed or extended. The application takes anywhere from 15-120 days to process.

A foreign national could also start a business or purchase an existing Florida business and transfer himself or herself to the U.S. to oversee the operation. A L Visa would apply in this situation.

Insomniac Immigrants

If you have nothing better to do and can’t sleep, read the labyrinth of rules by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) on the L-1 and other visas. It will quickly put you to sleep.

It is best to deal with a business broker like Truforte that has a legitimate track record in buying Florida-based businesses for foreigners. A Truforte associate works with your immigration lawyer to navigate the web of laws applying to the L-1 or E-2. To make your dream of moving to Florida and its beautiful climate, contact Truforte by filling out the form below.

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