Business Brokers Group Delivers a Rose

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Want to join a business brokers group?

Consider Truforte Business Group, Florida business brokers in that primarily specialize in the Southwestern part of the state, including Lee, Collier, Charlotte and Sarasota counties.

So Many Roses

We know. You are like the Bachelor in the opening rounds of the show – so many roses to give out.

How so?

Unemployment is low. Demand is high for employees in the longest expansion of the American economy ever.

You have your pick of the litter.

Business Brokers Group Makes Dreams a Reality

But joining the Truforte business brokers group is an exceptional and lucrative opportunity.

You will have the opportunity to make an unlimited six-figure income and turn dreams into reality.

Business brokers help buy and sell businesses.

What if you’re helping a boomer sell their life’s work nearly as cherished as their children (if they have any) and ease into a dream – retirement finally – where they can pursue a long sought after life goal whether it’s learning how to sail or mentoring younger entrepreneurs.

Dreams of America

Or maybe you’re helping someone buy a business. How could that inspire dreams?

What if you’re helping a foreign buyer who has always dreamed of coming to America buy a business with an E-2 or L-1 visa, so they may live and work in the United States? Making America a reality for a foreign buyer is indeed the stuff of dreams.

You see joining Truforte business brokers group isn’t the typical job, but really an opportunity to change people’s lives for the better.

What does it take?

Truforte is looking for financial literacy in the ability to read financial statements, do recasts and rudimentary business valuations, so a seller has an idea what their business is worth.

Joining the Truforte team also necessitates a basic understanding of financing options for buyers like an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan. Associate brokers are also expected to be versed in investment visas mentioned above for foreign buyers.

Give Me a Scenario

Who might be a potential candidate?

Maybe you’re a boomer who has run your business for decades. You finally sold your business and understand what that entails. You enjoy working but don’t want the headache of running your own business.

So you decide to join Truforte business brokers group and be able to make good money and change people’s lives.

If you want to deliver the ultimate red rose, consider joining Truforte Business Group. If you have any questions on this or may want to inquire about buying or selling a business, contact a Truforte associate by filling out the form below.

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