5 Tips to Sell Your Business in Florida

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  1. Start early and take time to prepare

Selling a company is a complex process that often takes a long time complete. Selling your company hurriedly is usually not a good idea because there are many risks and pitfalls along the way you want to avoid.  We recommend you start the preparations in time and be patient during the process.

2. Have the right people around you

Most entrepreneurs are deeply involved in the running of their company and therefore also want to be involved in the company takeover. That’s good for the process and there’s a lot you can do yourself. This of course might save on costs, but it is still wise to call in an experienced business broker to handle certain important tasks. A good business broker brings specific expertise adds value to your team.

3. Avoid emotional decisions

For many entrepreneurs, selling their business is an emotionally charged affair. Years of hard work and commitment have been invested in the business and as a result, the motives and challenges for a selling party are clearly different than for the buying party. Emotions can disrupt the process, which is one of the reasons why a good business broker is important. This specialist ensures that there is no conflict in interests and expectations are realistically managed.

4. Communicate with your staff

Transparency with your staff is a good thing, but it can also lead to internal unrest, which disrupts business performance. The type of business acquisition is an important factor here. Business succession by a family member or by existing management is usually less disruptive than a takeover by an external party. Selling a Florida business also requires the commitment of certain key employees. These must be informed of the decision to sell in good time. It is advisable to determine a communication strategy together with your business broker.

5. Plan for your future

Think about if you would like to be involved with the after the transfer to ensure it runs smoothly. Since you the entrepreneur almost always has the most knowledge of the company, it is recommended to remain involved as an advisor/consultant for another 1-2 years to ensure the business continues to perform well. If you are not interested or the new owner would like to run the business independently, think about your next step after selling your business.

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