The Top 6 Cities in Florida for Business

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We can guarantee you that Florida is one of our favorite states in the whole globe! Why, you could ask? Aside from its obvious natural beauty, it also provides several attractive commercial investment options. Are you especially interested in the business market? You won’t believe it, but most major areas in our beloved state are prospering and business is flourishing even during the epidemic. Let us go on an emotional journey in the sun to explore some of the the most market-friendly places in Florida!

Saint Petersburg

According to the Credibly Business Index, St. Petersburg is the most successful city in Florida. St. Petersburg achieved an Index score of 79 based on the overall health of its nearly 5,500 small firms and its extraordinary survival rate: just 22% of small businesses fail in the first two years in St. Petersburg.


St. Petersburg and Tampa are essentially intertwined, being just about a 30-minute drive apart. The cordial rivalry between the two cities dates back a long time. Both cities are known for their flourishing job markets and low unemployment rates.

The health care and social assistance industries are the largest employers in both cities, while the utilities sector offers the highest-paying positions in both Tampa and St. Petersburg. Millennials wishing to establish a private firm consider Tampa as a popular place with an entrepreneur ecosystem that will gladly provide all the aid needed for startups.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has a successful boating sector, producing and repairing boats. The employment market in the city has expanded by 1.9 percent. Management professions, sales and associated occupations, and office and administrative support occupations are the most common positions held by inhabitants.

Tourism makes for the bulk of the local economy’s GDP in Fort Lauderdale. The city is a popular tourist attraction, with visitors traveling from all across the country to enjoy its many beautiful and clean beaches. Every year, nearly 13 million visitors come and go!


Without the Magic City, no list would be complete. Miami is famed for its one-of-a-kind stargazing experiment, the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, and desperate explorers still looking for hidden wealth. Miami’s economy has been based on tourism for the bulk of its existence. For a long time, the city was only busy during the winter months, when snowbirds and visitors from cold northern states flocked to its beaches, hotels, and resorts.


The city’s economy is strong because of its variety. With 1,100 miles of coastline and 22 miles of beaches, Jacksonville boasts more waterfront than any other city in the United States. As a consequence, the Bold New City of the South boasts a vast deepwater harbor, allowing it to become the top port in the United States for car shipping as well as the state’s biggest transport and distribution center.


Naples, Florida, is one of Florida’s richest towns and one of the nicest locations to live in Southwest Florida. Furthermore, Naples has the second-highest percentage of millionaires per capita in the nation. The city’s economy is mostly based on tourism, despite the fact that it was once an agricultural community that started to thrive with the rise of the housing market.

As you explore Florida you will find a vast range of industries flourishing among the various business sectors making Florida one of the top states in the country to buy a business.

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