Selling a Business in Fort Myers in the Hub of SW Florida

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Selling a business in Fort Myers is to monetize and orbit the gravitational center of Lee County in the southwest part of the state, the gateway of Old Florida and new.

Dating back to the 1885, the area is home to the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford winter estates and is experiencing profound growth. The city population was 62, 298 in the 2010 census and grew to an estimated 79, 943 in 2017.

Fort Myers is the Economic Engine of SW Florida

Fort Myers is the economic engine in Lee County and the commercial hub of the area. This year, according to the Business Brokers of Florida, 27 companies sold in Lee County, many of which were in Fort Myers.

In selling a business in Fort Myers, an owner can exploit the rich history of the area and mint the cultural milieu of the world class art institutions in historic downtown and waterfront entertainment district.

Now that you want to sell, where do you begin?

Selling a Business in Fort Myers? Contact a Business Broker.

The process begins with a preliminary, no-obligation meeting with a trusted business broker like Truforte Business Group. The meeting is usually scheduled at the seller’s convenience and place of business and the seller and Truforte Business Group can begin the process of getting acquainted and understanding one another’s respective business.

Collecting Financial Records for Business Valuation

Truforte Business Group needs to then collect financial documents to determine the business valuation. The owner should be ready to hand over three years of detailed financial statements like income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, tax returns and a Seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE), an owner’s cash flow statement determining the full earning potential of the business.

Armed with these financial documents, Truforte Business Group will determine a business valuation. Working with the seller, Truforte will establish the proper terms of the sale and asking price of the business.

Sign a Contract

Finally, in selling a business in Fort Myers, the Seller signs a contractual agreement with Truforte Business Group, giving Truforte the right to market the business as the transactional agent for a given time period under specified terms and conditions.

Truforte Business Group has been selling businesses for over 35 years. To learn more, fill out the contact form below and a Truforte Business Group associate will contact you to begin your journey selling a business in Fort Myers. They can also help you sell a businesses in Sarasota if you happen to have multiple locations.

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