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Florida Pool Service Businesses for Sale

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    Florida Pool Service Overview

    The Pool Service business is an industry worth over $3 billion, and as it is not dominated by a single organization, there are plentiful opportunities for new businesses to emerge and offer services for pool cleaning and upkeep. Florida has a hot and humid climate, and it features several large-scale properties with swimming pools; and there are also public swimming pools available in different cities of the state. There is a lot of potential for starting a pool service business in Florida due to its location and competitive landscape, making it an interesting and opportunity-laden business.

    Florida Pool Service Business Requirements

    Pool Services businesses provide a range of pool-related services, including cleaning, vacuuming, and scrubbing the pool while ensuring the filters are running smoothly and the chemical balance is optimal. If you’re looking to work in the pool service business, you’ll need to be aware of pool maintenance and cleaning protocols which include cleaning or removing different substances from pool water, evaluating safety hazards which includes electrical wiring or plumbing that can be dangerous to the safety and health of people near the pool area, and understanding the basics of water chemistry to maintain water pH levels.

    In addition to knowing about pool cleaning and maintenance, you also need a license to operate your pool service business in Florida which also has a set of requirements. There are three types of licenses for swimming pool contractors: class A, B, and C. Class A is for commercial pool and spa contractors. Class B is for residential pool and spa contractors. Class C is for swimming pool and spa servicing contractors, but the license is limited to non-structural repair and pool equipment servicing.

    For Florida pool business information be sure and check out Florida Swimming Pool Association.

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