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Truforte Business Group has a team of experienced Florida Business Brokers some of which specialize in various types of business for sale in Florida. Although the steps to preparing a business for sale, marketing the business opportunity and completing the sale of a Florida business are basically the same across many industries, our seasoned Brokers recognize that each industry may have certain nuances that require attention to specific detail. Acknowledging that every industry is not the same allows our Brokers to better assist both buyers and sellers with the sales and acquisition of a Florida business opportunities.

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In most cases Buyers will only be buying the assets of Florida Businesses for sale and they will not be transferring the stock of the corporation. A buyer will want to set up their own corporation with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations which can be found at Sunbiz.orgThis is usually done prior to the closing of the sale.

Our experienced brokers at Truforte Business Group can guide a Buyer or Seller through the sequence of events once an offer is ready to be written. Although all of the transactions a business broker will do are referred to as an asset, the sale does include many of the intangible assets of the business including the goodwill, customer list, employee and vender relationships, phone numbers, ect. The only thing that is not included in the asset sale is the company stock or LLC membership interest. In the event a Buyer for some reason finds it maybe advantageous to own the stock of the corporation the sale of the Florida business would be turned over to qualified Florida business attorney who could handle such a transaction