Marinas For Sale in Florida

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Marinas for Sale in Florida

Looking to invest marinas for sale in Florida at one of the most popular US waterfront destinations? Explore Truforte Business Group’s list of Florida marinas for sale.

Established Florida Business Brokers and Marina Sales Specialists

Looking to invest in Florida Marina for sale? Truforte Business Group offers an array of options in different waterfront locations in the Sunshine State.

To find a marina for sale in Florida. Select the area of your choice and scroll down on the business category to select “Marine Related” then click display categories and sub-categories and select “marinas” to search the most up to date list of marinas for sale.

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    We believe that the premise of commercial real estate investments is to generate rental income that can be used to pay operating, living, and other expenses. Although marinas are less common assets than conventional commercial and residential properties, they offer several lucrative benefits and opportunities for investors and businesses in Florida.

    Why Invest in Marinas for Sale in Florida?

    Marinas are more than just places to park boats. They’re also the perfect spots for marine businesses, including boat dealerships, rental services, storage facilities, repair shops, seafood restaurants, and retail stores, to name a few. Here are some of the key benefits on offer:

    Income Diversification

    Real Estate
    A Marina is a real estate asset. Therefore, it comes with the same growth benefits and risks as other commercial properties. The only difference is that marinas are either on water or near waterfronts.

    Less Competition

    Why Choose Us?

    Truforte Business Group has been active in the Florida business brokerage market since 1994. We’ve established ourselves as leaders in this industry and have since expanded our operations to specialize in certain niches, such as marinas.

    To date, we’ve helped a number of individuals, investors, and businesses find the best marinas for sale in Florida according to their budget, location, and specific needs. A highly skilled and experienced team of Florida business brokers and other subject-matter experts at every touch point. Here are a few reasons you should opt for our services:

     A statewide inventory of Florida marinas for sale.
     Structured sales and purchase processes.
     Unparalleled expertise in research, communications, paperwork, and closing.
     Highly experienced Florida business brokers and marina sales specialists.

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    Florida is one of the best states to own a marina for investors and businesses. It is regarded as the boating capital of the world and is home to thousands of waterfront businesses and recreation spots. Therefore, it’s a potential goldmine for anyone looking to diversify their income while enjoying other benefits, such as no state income tax, sandy beaches, pleasant weather, and more.

    For Florida marina information and to learn about the industry visit the Association of Marina Industries.

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