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Selling a business isn’t easy, especially in this current economy. There are so many steps involved in the selling process and without proper planning, you might end up selling at a loss or not selling at all. Brokers at Truforte Business Group will guide you through the selling process and make sure you get the most profit from the sale.

What Will Truforte Business Group Do For You?

 Truforte Business Group will:

Provide accurate valuation, quality marketing of your business, detailed process management, all with complete confidentiality.

Accurate Valuation

Selling a business will require that you understand the real value of your company. Truforte employs different valuation techniques to ensure you fully understand what your business is worth. After analyzing and researching your company against similar businesses, Truforte will help you determine the most probable selling price before going on the market.  

Detailed Market Preparation

Selling a business requires preparation if you are to achieve maximum profit. Before presenting your business to buyers, you’ll need to spruce it up and make it as “buyer ready” as possible. One way to achieve this is by increasing profits and improving the customer base. Truforte Business Group will work alongside your accountants and advisors to strategize on ways to improve your company’s overall performance.


Selling a business requires stealth as you don’t want your competitors to learn of the sale or employees to be overwhelmed by the news. The best business broker should ensure the process is confidential so as not to display your company’s inner workings to the wrong crowd.  

Effective Marketing of Your Business

Truforte has years of experience matching business sellers to the right prospects. We employ state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your business is marketed to the right audience. In addition to this, we have a database with a list of business owners looking to sell their businesses which shows how our process works.

Detailed Process Management

Truforte is able to tailor its services to suit your individual needs. You’ll be provided with details of all the steps being taken, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Try Us Today Truforte acts as the buffer between you and potential buyers. Our process is detailed yet straight to the point. If preferred Truforte Business Group will use accredited processes to analyze and value your company. Visit us at

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