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If you have a business for sale Tampa, it probably evolved from the “Cigar Capital of the World” where entrepreneurs like Vicente Martinez Ybor and Hugh MacFarlane set up cigar-centric enterprises in the early 20th Century, turning a sleepy town descending from an army fort into the bustling metropolis of Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical area of 3.1 million residents today.

With vibrant Latin communities with roots in the cigar days, the city saw a boom in the 1950s and 60s where cultural mainstays like Busch Gardens and the University of South Florida took root.

Here Hurricanes Aren’t Hell

You may be reticent in looking for a business for sale Tampa because of recent hurricane hysteria. Actually, hurricanes seldom threaten Tampa, as no storm has made landfall in the immediate Tampa area since 1921.

Business for Sale Tampa: Eclectic

Though Tampa may be resistant to hurricanes, the area is not to an eclectic business community.

One may find a dog grooming business to as divergent as heavy manufacturing and a machinist shop as businesses for sale in the Tampa area.

The Truforte Business Group site is a great place to view businesses for sale in the area.

Business for Sale in Tampa: Restaurant with Consistent Sales

Take, for instance, this gem – a restaurant in the swanky Apollo Beach area that has consistent annual sales of $1 million and comes equipped with a full liquor license with an asking price of under $500K.

This listing is also a Visa opportunity, meaning a foreign national can immigrate to the United States and Southwestern Florida by investing in the area and purchasing the business.

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