Business Broker Reviews Bat .400

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When looking at business broker reviews, check out a hitter who is batting .400 over the season.

Yes, the baseball playoffs have started …

We compare a baseball slugger’s number of hits over the number of bats to the reviews of a business broker in Southwest Florida.

What is a Business Broker Exactly?

But first, we slide into the mechanics of the game and define what a business broker is.

According to Wikipedia:

Business brokers, also called business transfer agents, or intermediaries, assist buyers and sellers of privately held businesses in the buying and selling process.

Business Broker Reviews? Go with the 5-Stars

Back to the baseball thing. Batting .400 is nearly unattainable in modern baseball. Similarly, getting perfect reviews online is equally difficult in the age of trolls and keyboard warriors.

We bombed Google in search of reviews of Truforte Business Group, business brokers that have been helping buy and sell companies primarily in Southwest Florida for decades. We found some here and here.

We couldn’t find a negative review. On Google, Truforte averaged a perfect 5 stars in several reviews.

High Praise from Former Clients

The reviewers were past Truforte clients, singing accolades of the broker who helped them buy or sell their companies.

The business broker reviews run the gamut.

One seller praised Truforte for their advice on the right time to sell to get the most value. Another lauded Truforte for their ability to properly value their business.

Truforte Makes It Easy

A buyer commends them for making the complex process easy and availability when the buyer had questions. Several reviewers praised the individual Truforte business broker associates that they worked with.

So, do business broker reviews matter? Evidence shows they do.

Online Reviews Matter

According to Neil Patel’s marketing blog, 97% of customers check out online reviews before they buy and nearly half of these people only looked at businesses with four-star reviews or higher.

So, when looking at business broker reviews in Florida, go for a slugger who is constantly clearing the fence.

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