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Businesses For Sale in Bookelia, Florida

Buying businesses for sale in Bokeelia means buying a business in a census-designated place located on Pine Island in Lee County, South West Florida, which is a part of the Cape Coral-For Myers, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. The village of Bokeelia is in the northern tip of Pine Island, which is primarily a residential community with small condominiums, mobile homes, and houses located parallel to the canals dredged into the island.

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It is not all Business and no fun in Bokeelia

Bokeelia is a quaint town with several small rental cottages and inns that allow visitors to experience the island from the perspective of a local resident. The area is known for its fishing industry as the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are native to tarpon, redfish, snapper, snook, mackerel, grouper, sheep, sea trout, and many other fish that can be caught from the century-old Bokeelia Fishing Pier.

The town’s prime location allows it to produce a bounty of fish in summer and winter, making it ideal for year-long fishing. There are also different fishing methods that can be employed by using different bait and techniques such as reels, lines, rods, and cast nets that can be used to catch different types of fish. The locals understand which areas are best for catching certain varieties of fish, and they even assist visitors in catching fish.

The pier is also ideal for a stroll if visitors are not interested in fishing, and it is surrounded by nature preserves that can be explored by renting boats, canoes, or kayaks. The nature preserves are home to mangrove forests with egrets, porpoises, and herons.

The village has a deep-rooted history as it has a few historical buildings that have been maintained, including a highly popular restaurant in the region – Cap’n Con’s that is located in a building built in 1904. Apart from the flourishing fishing industry, the town also has breathtaking views of Cayo Costa, Charlotte Harbor, and Boca Grande due to it being located at the northernmost point of Pine Island.

Bokeelia’s Economic and Business Landscape

With a local population of 1,613 according to the 2019 US Census, the small town’s main economic activities include individuals working in the food preparation and serving related industry; farming, fishing, and forestry industry; and sales and related industries. As the area is located near a water body that is full of marine life, there is a higher proportion of residents working in the farming, fishing, and forestry industry, and it is also one of the most profitable occupations in the village as well.

The town has Bokeelia businesses for sale, especially in the industries of accommodation and food services; agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting; and even in the more conventional retail trade industry.

Even though Bokeelia is an area primarily interested in fishing and related activities such as boating, the village boasts beautiful sights and thriving wildlife, making it ideal for setting roots in business.

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