7 Key Selling Points for Cleaning Business Owners

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It makes no difference how fantastic your cleaning company marketing strategy is if you don’t convert the leads you produce from it. This essay will teach you 7 sales techniques for cleaning company owners to help you get the most out of your marketing.

Quick follow-up

One of the first sales ideas you should use is to follow up with fresh cleaning leads as soon as possible. When it comes to cleaning leads, speed is your friend.

The longer someone has to wait for an estimate request or a response to a contact form, the more probable it is that they will contact a rival instead. When searching for a cleaning company, it is quite simple to call various cleaning companies at the same time.

How responsive you are will be a decisive factor for many individuals in selecting whether or not to employ you. Most individuals cannot tell the difference between one cleaning business and another. Potential clients will go on to the next firm if your organization is sluggish to answer or does not bother to follow up.

Start the discussion

We often discover possible difficulties that might lead to lost sales when we examine real sales discussions of cleaning organizations with fresh cleaning prospects. One of these problems is when the salesman loses control of the discussion.

To be in charge of the sales process, you don’t have to be forceful. If you are the one asking the questions, you are usually in charge of the discussion.

For example, you may be conversing with a lead who wants an estimate. They may request a quotation, and you may answer by asking for additional information about their house or company in order to deliver an accurate price or the following stages in your sales process.

Unfortunately, the control is often shifted to the prospective consumer after that. For example, we hear things like, “Based on the information you gave, we would estimate it to cost about $400.” That brings the debate to a close. At this stage, the prospective consumer has complete control.

Sell the advantages

Another reason individuals do not use your cleaning service is that they do not completely get all of the advantages of doing so. Most cleaning companies’ websites merely mention the elements of their cleaning service.

While features are useful, most consumers will notice that a list of cleaning features will appear the same from one cleaning business to the next. If you’re marketing and website just discuss features, you will most likely have a poor conversion rate.

You also need to keep this concept of selling the benefits in mind when you are actually talking to potential customers as well. A lot of cleaning businesses make the mistake of thinking that once they generate a lead then that lead is an almost guaranteed sale.

The reality is that while some leads will be ready to buy after requesting an estimate, many people are just in research mode. Likely they are just seeing what your prices are like, and aren’t yet ready to pull the trigger and hire you.

Upsell extra services

Upselling add-on services is another strategy to boost revenue in your cleaning company. Most consumers who inquire about your cleaning services will be interested in a particular service. However, this does not rule out the possibility of them being interested in and willing to hire you to do additional tasks.

While most individuals contact you to learn more or to obtain an estimate for basic cleaning, they may benefit from a variety of additional services you provide. This is particularly true if you own a commercial cleaning company that provides a variety of specialty services.

Most individuals, for example, will be searching for a full-service cleaning firm, as well as building maintenance and facilities services. Business owners that use your cleaning services generally have a full plate.

They don’t want to have to pay many cleaning agencies simply to acquire all of the specialized services they want. Most people would like to use a single cleaning firm that can do everything.

Encourage the referral campaign

Is there a referral scheme at your corporate cleaning service? If you don’t, it’s probably something you should include into your company approach. If you have a referral program, you should inform your current clients about it on a regular basis.

A large portion of your business may originate from existing connections. However, unless they are motivated to do so, many clients may not consider about suggesting you company.

Many satisfied customers would gladly provide positive comments and submit a favorable review, but introducing new clients goes a step further. Hiring a cleaning service may come up in discussion organically for consumers from time to time, but if they know they may be reimbursed or get a discount on their services, it is likely to happen more often.

Take customer service into consideration

Customer service is another critical part of your organization that may either increase or decrease revenue. People who answer your phones when leads call, cleaning technicians on-site, or those who handle client complaints and enquiries are examples of this.

While many of these individuals do not actually “sell,” they may have an influence on the sales process. Consider the folks who answer the phones.

If a prospective client phones and the individual who answers isn’t professional, courteous, or informed, they can receive the idea that the company is operated inefficiently. It may not be the only reason someone chooses whether or not to employ you, but it may be a deciding factor between you and another company.

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