Referral Fees for Selling a Business

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Referral Fees For Selling or Buying Florida Businesses

Truforte Business Group offers licensed Florida Real Estate agents a referral fee for clients who are selling or buying businesses in Florida. Please specify below whether your client is interested in buying a Florida business or selling a Florida business.

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    More About Referral Fees for licensed Real Agents who have clients that are buying or selling a Florida Business

    In Florida, the process for a real estate agent to receive a referral fee from a business broker involves several steps:

    1. Establishment of Referral Agreement: The real estate agent and the business broker need to establish a formal agreement outlining the terms of the referral.

    2. Disclosure and Consent: The real estate agent must disclose their intention to receive a referral fee to their client, whether it’s a buyer or a seller.

    3. Documentation: It’s essential to document the referral agreement. This documentation serves as evidence and will confirm the amount of the referral and the expectations of both parties.

    4. Closing the Deal: Once the business sale transaction is completed, the business broker disburses the referral fee to the real estate agent according to the terms of their agreement. This typically occurs after the closing of the business sale and the receipt of the broker’s commission.

    5. Legal Compliance: Both the real estate agent and the business broker must ensure that the referral fee arrangement complies with all applicable laws and regulations in Florida. This includes adhering to the rules set forth by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) and any other relevant governing bodies.

    By following these steps, a Florida real estate agent can successfully receive a referral fee from a business broker in compliance with state regulations and industry standards.

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