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Florida Liquor Stores for Sale

The sunny weather, stunning beaches, coastal lifestyle, and thriving nightlife attract millions of tourists to Florida each year. The diverse year-round customers and business-friendly regulations make the Sunshine State one of the best places to start a business – especially one that sells liquor. If you are looking to become a business owner, our licensed brokers can help you find the best liquor stores for sale in Florida

According to the latest statistics by IBIS World, the current market size for the beer, wine & liquor stores industry in the United States is around $72 billion. It is also worth mentioning that the rising per capita disposable income has enabled people across the country to purchase liquors with a higher price tag, driving revenue growth. The per capita expenditure on alcohol has also increased, highlighting the growth potential for the liquor stores industry in the coming years.

To learn more about the liquor stores for sale in Florida, please select the area of your choice and search the liquor-related businesses to find the latest listings.

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    What Makes Florida the Best Place to Own a Liquor Store?

    Owning and operating a liquor store can be an excellent venture for those interested in different types of alcoholic beverages. In addition, if you have prior experience working in a customer-facing job or just enjoy working with people, this business can be a great fit for you.

    It is also an excellent venture for those planning to relocate to the Sunshine State from another part of the country. Buying one of the liquor stores for sale in Florida can help you build meaningful relationships with your new neighbors and become a part of the vibrant community.

    Another factor that tips the scale in your favor is that Florida has one of the largest wine and spirit consumption markets in the entire country. In other words, buying a well-located liquor store can turn out to be a lucrative investment. Apart from enjoying good profit margins for years to come, you will also have an option to sell the business later down the road for a higher price.

    Our experienced brokers can help you select the best Florida liquor stores for sale while maintaining confidentiality. On the other hand, if you plan to sell your business to retire or relocate, we can connect you with prospective buyers to ensure a seamless sales process.

    What Do You Need to Own a Liquor Store in Florida?

    When a new owner purchases a liquor store, the state law requires them to transfer the existing liquor license to their name. In Florida, the local Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco regulate this market

    You can either download the printable licensing application online or visit the local licensing office to procure it. Make sure to complete the application form and attach the required documents before submitting it to the licensing office. The law also requires the applicant to verify their fingerprints.

    Overall, it is a fairly straightforward process and does not take much time.

    If you are interested in Florida liquore stores for sale, please check out The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation for more information on licensing.

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