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Businesses for Sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Entrepreneurs will find plenty of Fort Lauderdale businesses for sale at this popular spring break, beach destination city. Once a college destination spot, Fort Lauderdale is now attracting the more affluent and wealthier tourist. Tourism is indeed a leading source of revenue for the city, and cruise ships and nautical recreation play an important part in the economy.

The top industries in Fort Lauderdale are retail, hospitality, healthcare and professional businesses. Fort Lauderdale is a major manufacturing center for yachts and other luxury watercraft, and there are vast opportunities in other industries including construction, transportation and distribution. There are many national and international companies in Fort Lauderdale that do call Fort Lauderdale home.

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Autonation is among one of the top Fortune 500 companies that is located in Fort Lauderdale. Other businesses with a large presence in Fort Lauderdale include: The Answer Group, Citrix, Zimmerman, Templeton World, American Changer Corp and Ed Morse Automotive Group. A number of companies have actually expanded their presence in Fort Lauderdale by buying businesses in Fort Lauderdale. It is through business acquisition that many companies will either gain market share or establish in a presence in the market. Once a foothold is established businesses can then expand though advertising or through word of mouth by providing a superior product or service.

Like many cities in Florida the beaches and recreational boating activities in Fort Lauderdale play a key part of the leisure activities. The luxury hotels, outdoor restaurants and bars, are enjoyed by local residents, tourists and give business owners plenty of opportunity for entertaining business clients. More information about the area can be found at City of Fort Lauderdale If you are considering Fort Lauderdale as a place to buy a business or may also want to check out Miami or Key West Businesses for Sale