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Purchasing Florida Businesses for Sale

Once you find a Florida business for sale, one of our experienced Business Brokers can assist you with the process. You will find that our knowledgeable Brokers can be a tremendous asset with navigating the business transaction process and both buyers and sellers benefit when there is a Business Broker managing the deal. Our team has handled business sales across almost every industry and well versed in the nuances that can arise in the various industries and will be certain to address all of the necessary details.

Steps to Buy a Florida Business for Sale

The first step of course will be finding the right Florida business for sale. Once a target is identified a buyer will need to sign a confidentiality agreement. After receiving and reviewing the Confidential Business Review (CBR), if a Buyer would like to proceed with an offer of the Florida business for sale, one of our Brokers can assist you with drafting a purchase agreement.

Usually a standard asset purchase agreement will be used to outline the details of the business sale. This will include the legal names of the buyer and seller, an agreed purchase price, the amount of the escrow deposit and the terms of the sale. The purchase price could be all cash or their could be a financing contigency for either seller financing, SBA bank financing or a combination of both. The business sale agreement will usually outline an additional due diligence period with a time frame to gather and review more detailed financials and other critical business information. The buyer is typcally not fully committed until the due diligence period is over and the buyer is completely satisfied with the information for the business they are purcahsing

The asset purchase agreement will also contain very specefic information about the transfer of the business furniture, fixtures, equipement, any leases, intangible assests, training, non-compete agreement, account recievables, payables, business deposits, prorations and the allocation of the purchase price for the Florida busines for sale.

Once all of the detals have been agreed upon the Florida business sale will then be coordinated with a closing attorney who will assist with the legal aspects of the transaction.

If you will be forming a new Florida corporation additional information about establishing a Florida coportation can be found at the Florida Division of Corporations.

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