Tree Service for Sale in Miami

Listing #95103472 Asking: $170,000 Owner Benefit: $32,964

Ca$h Cow Tree Service Company for Sale in Miami Shores. Operates year-round with 3-4 employees in winter, expanding to 4-5 in summer. All staff are independent contractors (1099s), including a foreman. Clientele predominantly residential (90%), yielding superior margins, with approximately 10% commercial accounts. Enjoy a sterling reputation in the community. Limited travel requirements, typically serving within a 5-mile radius. Fixed assets valued at $135K (current market rate) including truck, lifts, trailers, grinders, chainsaws, and more. Exceptional web presence. Detailed asset inventory available during due diligence. Owner can stay on for a while and ensure a slow smooth transition. A truly turn-key opportunity!

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