Plastic Fabrication and Distribution Business for Sale

Listing #95103401 Asking: $990,000 Owner Benefit: $171,808
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CORONAVIRUS ESSENTIAL BUSINESS. HUGE INCREASE IN SALES TO HOSPITALS AND CLINICS: CLEAR PLASTIC SHEETING FOR RECEPTION SHIELDS, MEDICAL NEEDS, ETC NO LET UP IN SITE. This is a great family owned business with virtually no local competition. Well oiled machine. Great reputation and tons of repeat customers. This is a plastic fabricator and distributor. All equipment included with sale, including forklift, table-sew, drills, and tools. About 20 customers per day as walk-ins as the business is in prime location. Orders also come by phone and email. Very diverse customer base and product offerings ranging from cutting boards, bathroom partitions, marine products, table tops, doors, frames, and many others - virtually anything plastic. Back office where warehouse and manufacturing takes place is air conditioned. This evergreen niche did not suffer much from the great recession. Business is strong, getting stronger and has huge growth potential.