Manufacturing Business for Sale in Pinellas County

Listing #95151075 Asking: $1,100,000 Owner Benefit: $67,980
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This unique opportunity presents a conglomerate of three well-established businesses, each with its own niche and track record of success. The portfolio comprises Machining & Manufacturing Company, Electrical Manufacturing Company & Government Contracting Company. Together, these companies offer a diverse range of products and services, with a strong emphasis on government contracts. With a focus on precision manufacturing, lighting fixtures, and defense product logistics, this conglomerate is poised for continued growth and profitability. Machining & Manufacturing Company: Location: Clearwater, FL Established: Over 25 years ago Family-owned and managed, emphasizing quality work and customer service. Specializes in precision custom machining, utilizing advanced CNC machining equipment and manual equipment. Offers prototype development and final production based on drawings, specs, or samples. Expertise in machining metals and plastics, including exotic metals like monel, inconel, and titanium. Diverse client base spanning industries such as defense, microwave wave-guide, electronics, and more. Preferred sub-contractor for the United States Department of Defense. Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Electrical Manufacturing Company: Established in 1921, acquired by the current corporate owner in 1956. Originally based in New Jersey, relocated to Clearwater, FL, in 2016. Specializes in authentic marine and exterior lighting fixtures. Known for durable, weather-resistant rustic lighting suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Provides an antique and ruggedly handsome design, ideal for waterfront and architectural lighting. Government Contracting Company: Founded in 1972, acquired by the current owner in 1998. Renowned for its "case code" expertise, product approvals, and government contracts. Approved vendor to the government for approximately 300,000 active products, many of which are sole-sourced. All government contract quotes within this conglomerate are routed through this entity. Specializes in case code management for defense product manufacturing and logistics. Case codes are essential for tracking and traceability of defense products, ensuring accuracy and security. Clientele: Approximately 35% of total sales come from commercial contracts, while the remaining 65% are government contracts. Machining & Manufacturing Company is a preferred subcontractor for the U.S. Department of Defense. Government Contracting Company, handles government contracts and case code management for defense products. Electrical Manufacturing Company serves a diverse client base, offering authentic marine and rustic lighting fixtures. Opportunity: This conglomerate presents a unique opportunity for investors or business buyers looking to enter or expand in the precision manufacturing, lighting fixtures, and government contract sectors. With established client relationships, a solid track record, and a focus on quality and innovation, these businesses are well-positioned for growth and continued success. The businesses are also available for sale along with two free-standing buildings. Building #1 boasts a total building area of 5,123 square feet, while Building #2 offers a total building area of 12,973 square feet. This commercial real estate can be purchased separately for an additional $2,500,000 (BBF# 951-51076) Don't miss out on this chance to acquire a diversified portfolio of businesses with a strong presence in both commercial and government markets.