Boat Rental Company For Sale in Cape Coral

Listing #95103450 Asking: $800,000 Owner Benefit: $171,373

Established boat rental company for sale in Cape Coral. There are 15 boat under management, 4 owned by the Company. There are written contracts with the boat owners and the rental company operates on a profit split basis. Little overhead and low risk for the rental company as the boat owners pay for commercial boat insurance, boat lift rental, maintenance, and tow insurance. Rental company secures renters, delivers the boats, and arrange for maintenance. The 4 boats owned by the rental company are included in the sale (estimated value at $250K) along with miscellaneous equipment, website, phone, tradename, future bookings, customer list, and the contracts with the boat owners. This is a totally turnkey operation. Company only rents out bow riders (no pontoons or fishing boats). Boats are newer and higher end, some with dual engines. Company outsources 5 captains and 2 mechanics on a as needed basis. Typically, boat owners want to add more boats to the rental pool. The company is gradually increasing capacity. Besides boat rental, additional source of income: 25% markup on parts, $50 per mechanical work, $10 per tow contract, drop off fee, and jet ski referral. Company is run by husband and wife that are in retirement mode. Some bookings are already 2 years out and rental slots keeping filling out fast- minimum 3 days rental. In 2022 the company acquired the assets of a competing business, including 2 boats and customer list (sales not reflected in 2021) and added online booking. Company was closed from Sept 28 until early December due to Hurricane Ian. It is currently open and busy as ever.

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