Distribution Businesses For Sale in Florida

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Distribution Businesses for Sale

Whether you are an entrepreneur ready to take on a new challenge or a white-collar professional aspiring to meet their career goals, acquiring one of the Florida distribution businesses for sale can set you on a path to success.

The distribution industry acts as a central link within the supply chain, contributing to the national and global economies. Compared to other sectors, it boasts one of the highest returns on investment, making it a rather lucrative industry in the modern business landscape. According to Statista, the estimated revenue of the wholesale distribution industry in 2020 was $5,830.7 billion.

So, if you want to operate a distribution company, you have two avenues to choose from: starting from scratch or acquiring an existing business.

While both options have their benefits and drawbacks, starting a business from scratch means you would be spending the first few years building a loyal customer base. Meanwhile, those who opt to buy a distribution business are likely to inherit an existing client base, which could be extremely valuable.

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Top Florida Distribution Opportunities

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    The Perks of Buying a Distribution Business in Florida

    Florida distribution businesses for sale provide both young and seasoned professionals with an opportunity to become a part of a booming industry while enjoying tropical weather and coastal lifestyle. You will also enjoy access to beautiful beaches, lush nature reserves, historic landmarks, and fabulous restaurants while living and working in the Sunshine State.

    Additionally, Florida is considered one of the largest foreign trade zones in the United States. It also has a strong manufacturing sector that accounts for nearly 5% of the Gross State Product, making it an ideal place to set up logistics and distribution companies. Moreover, about 20% of all national exporters are located in this region due to its excellent supply chain.

    A specialized workforce is yet another advantage of buying distribution businesses for sale in Florida. Over half a million individuals across the state are currently employed in broader wholesale trade, meaning distribution companies will never face a shortage of talented and eager workers.

    There are also certain tax advantages of starting a business in this region. For starters, you won’t have to pay property tax on goods in transit for up to 180 days. Secondly, the state has a 0% personal income tax rate, which has drawn the attention of many industry giants and startups alike. The streamlined regulations and business-friendly environment also add to the perks of buying a distribution company in Florida

    It is also worth mentioning that the Sunshine State is among the best places in the United States for businesses looking to access the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

    What Do You Need to Own & Operate a Distribution Business in Florida?

    This industry includes a wide range of businesses, ranging from clothes and accessories to chemicals and machinery. Therefore, if you are interested in Florida distribution businesses for sale, you first need to determine if your chosen sector requires a state-issued license to operate in the region.

    Furthermore, you will most likely have to register your business with the Florida Department of State, the Florida Department of Revenue, and the IRS.

    To learn more about operating a distribution company in the state, please visit the Florida Association of Wholesale Distributors.

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