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Charbel Abinajem

Charbel Abinajem is a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent who excels in sales, customer service and management. He has over 30 years of experience with a proven track record as a business broker. Charbel graduated in Belgium with a degree in hotel restaurant management and has been an owner/operator of restaurants and video game routes with distribution in Belgium, France and Lebanon. He relocated to Chicago and became an owner/operator of a successful major oil company service station/car wash. Charbel’s international and stateside business experience gives him a keen understanding of problems and challenges of business owners and buyers from around the world. In 1986 Charbel joined a national franchise business brokerage in Chicago and in the mid 90”s he relocated to Fort Myers and has continued to be a local and national top 10 sales award winner. Charbel speaks fluent French, Arabic and English.

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